Walk through life
with healthier feet.

Our mission is to provide a safe and effective way to take charge of daily foot hygiene with minimal effort or ability.

In 2008, our founder found himself in a slippery wet shower, standing on one leg, and using one hand to pull his leg up, and the other hand to feverishly labor to clean his other foot poorly.

In that moment he immediately realized that millions of people simply cannot, or do not, wash their feet because it is dangerous, too hard, or physically impossible. There should be a much better way! And so begun a pursuit to create a safer, easier, and more effective system to clean the feet.


It took many years of prototyping to arrive at the perfect feet cleaning system.


I wanted to create a product to help all people have truly clean feet. Basic cleaning maintenance is necessary to fight off disease and bacteria on the body. I am proud to say that VertaClean provides the opportunity to live healthier with clean feet.”

Chris Derr, Founder & CEO

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to use VertaClean?

Start by allowing some water to run over the bristles. Then pull the lever to dispense a golf ball size amount of soap on the single brush side for the heel. Grabbing the handle with the left hand allows you to easily shift your left heel over the brush for a few seconds or as long as you feel necessary. Then pull the lever dispensing the same amount of soap for the right foot. By dispensing soap separately for each foot, you will reduce the amount of soap usage. (Helpful tip, do not stand directly in the shower stream while washing the feet. Water tends to run down your leg and washes the soap away prematurely) By now you have dispensed the correct amount of soap for both feet when washing the toes. Shift each foot side to side, forward and back for at least 5 to 10 seconds to ensure complete coverage. Feel free to extend washing as it does feel great. Place the unit under the shower stream for rinsing of soap and grime after you have used it.

How often should I replace the brushes

We recommend replacing the brushes every 3 to 4 months if you use your VertaClean every day.

I have a foot condition – can I use VertaClean?

As there are many types of foot conditions and some are more severe than others, we recommend you consult your physician or podiatrist before before using VertaClean.

How do I clean VertaClean

We recommend you rinse your unit in the shower after each use, and use a brush or cloth and dish soap to wipe down the entire unit when you replace your brushes. Remember to wash the very bottom of the unit too.

Who is VertaClean for?

VertaClean is for anyone who has feet!


People neglect basic cleaning maintenance on their feet for two main reasons.  It’s too much effort or they physically cannot and it’s too dangerous.


Podiatrists say with a consistent basic washing regimen most of the skin problems people have could have been avoided.  If you have healthy feet – VertaClean is a great preventative tool to keep them that way.

"I asked my disabled mom to try VertaClean. She cried because it was the first time she could wash her own feet in years"

Joseph A.

five star