VertaClean: The Fall-Prevention Shower Foot Cleaner

Approximately 80% of all household falls occur in bathrooms, which should come as no surprise when you consider the hazards involved in showering: Water, slippery soap, and mobility problems all present risks as you clean your body.

VertaClean is an innovative solution to shower falls. As a fall-prevention shower foot cleaner system, VertaClean helps folks with mobility problems thoroughly cleanse their feet so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

You deserve a safe shower experience, so let VertaClean do the hard work for you!

The Dangers of Shower Falls

Falling in the shower can cause serious injuries, particularly for seniors or disabled individuals.

Broken bones, head wounds, and fractures are just a few of the serious problems that can result from slipping and falling in the bathroom, but some shower falls can, in fact, be fatal. If you live alone and cannot access a phone for help, falling in the shower could put your life at risk.

With VertaClean’s shower fall prevention feet cleaning system, you can safely and securely wash yourself without worrying. The device was designed with stability in mind, and it doesn’t require any unusual maneuvering to get your feet sparkling clean.

Who Is Most Likely to Fall in the Shower?

The elderly are especially vulnerable to shower falls, given that many aging adults have weakened muscles, fragile bones, and balance problems. Shower railings or chairs may not be enough to prevent falls for seniors who are showering on their own.

People with disabilities are also susceptible to shower accidents as, despite some being invisible, they can still cause problems with balance, coordination, muscle tone, and reaction times.

Pregnant people are also placed at a higher risk of falling in the shower because of the way that pregnancy affects your center of gravity. Your growing baby takes up most of your midsection, so it can be harder to maneuver around the shower or see potential slipping hazards on the ground.

Of course, the average, able-bodied person can still fall in the shower. Anyone can slip on slick soap spots or splashes of water in the bathroom. That’s why VertaClean is such an important household tool for everyone’s safety and stability in the shower!

Fall Prevention: Standing Foot Cleaning

The VertaClean fall prevention shower foot cleaner system is designed to help you avoid accidents in the shower. You can now thoroughly cleanse your feet without wobbling, falling, or tripping in the shower!

Handle for Stability

The VertaClean system comes equipped with a sturdy handle that can bear some of your weight, helping you feel secure and balanced and eliminating a lot of the anxiety that comes with unsafe showering. The handle is easy to grip and designed for maximum effectiveness as VertaClean cleans your feet.

Bristles for Hard-to-Reach Spots

There are thousands of flexible, sturdy bristles on the VertaClean shower-fall prevention foot cleaner machine. Each cleans hard-to-reach areas between your toes and throughout the contours of each foot and is comfortable enough for daily use: In fact, we designed the VertaClean bristles with comfort in mind to encourage people to improve their daily foot hygiene.

Automatic Foot Wash Dispenser

Our luxurious foot wash automatically dispenses over the bristles of the VertaClean system, which means you won’t have to manually lather any soap or place it on the bristles yourself as you shower.

The automatic dispensing system is a wonderful convenience for those who may have trouble bending over or using fine motor skills in the shower. All you have to do is place your feet between the bristles and let the VertaClean system go to work!

Why Foot Hygiene Matters

You may think that water alone is enough to clean your feet in the shower, but that is a common myth that many people believe. Foot hygiene is, indeed, very important.

Foot Infections

Your feet encounter loads of dirt, sweat, bacteria, and debris throughout the day, so whether you wear socks and shoes or go barefoot, your feet are vulnerable to odor-causing substances.

Over time, dirt and grime can build up on your feet and cause health issues. Walking may become painful if you get a skin or nail infection from a lack of proper foot hygiene, for instance.

In addition, athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that starts in between your toes and can spread to the rest of your foot. It’s usually caused by trapped moisture in your socks and shoes, and if left untreated, it can lead to more serious foot infections.

Embarrassing Odors

Trapped bacteria and fungi can lead to strong, embarrassing foot odors over time. If you notice an unpleasant scent when you take off your socks and shoes, these are likely the cause of it, and bad body odors can lead to anxiety in social situations.

No one wants to be the source of the stench in the room, and with VertaClean’s powerful foot-cleaning system, you can avoid smelly feet and improve your hygiene all at once!

Foot Pain and Discomfort

Maybe you already struggle with foot pain from poor foot hygiene. It is nothing to be ashamed of; VertaClean was designed specifically for you! We want everyone to maintain healthy, comfortable feet for life, which means using our shower fall prevention feet cleaning system whenever possible.

VertaClean: Relieve Your Fears of Falling in the Shower

You deserve a stress-free shower experience, and VertaClean aims to make that possible by providing a source of stability as you clean your feet in the shower.

If you find yourself dreading your next shower out of fear of slipping, tripping, or falling, VertaClean is perfect for you. You won’t have to maneuver in dangerous ways: Simply place your feet between the bristles and let our system clean your feet for you!

While we recommend having other shower supports in place to prevent falls, VertaClean is the way to go when it comes to fall prevention. Standing foot cleaning doesn’t need to be a source of worry!

Prevent Shower Falls and Get Clean Feet with VertaClean

If you’re ready to commit to getting sparkling-clean, hygienic feet without stress or worry, then the VertaClean system is here for you. Get the best foot cleaning of your life with the innovative and high-quality VertaClean shower-fall prevention foot cleaner machine today!