VertaClean provides the whole family everything needed for truly clean feet.

VertaClean System


  • VertaClean Foot Wash System
    The deepest clean to the entire foot, without ever having to bend over.
  • Choice of Bristles
    Thousands of bristles reach the complex contours of your feet. You choose the comfort level.
  • 4 Bottles Foaming Whipped Footwash
    Specially formulated foam is loaded and dispensed directly to the bristles via the handle lever.
  • 3″ Tall, takes up a 8″x12″ footprint in your shower. Weighs 6lbs.
  • Engineered for stability. Easily moved for use.
  • Bristles and footwash bottles are easy to replace.
  • Antimicrobial materials and straight-through drainage allow for the unit to stay clean.

Customize your VertaClean

Pick a comfort brush pack

For those with sensitive feet, these bristles provide the ability to gently wash the feet.

Firm, but not harsh, these bristles are designed to exfoliate everyday feet for a deeper clean.

Choose your whipped soap

A refreshing formula that gives you a spa-like experience.

Helps fight foot odor with a fresh natural scent.

Can't decide? Get the best of both.

Foaming Soaps