Cleaning your feet has never been this easy

VertaClean System


Included with purchase:

  • VertaClean Foot Wash System
    With an all aluminum frame it is built to last. Being healthy is a lifelong journey.
  • Choice of Brush
    Hundreds of bristles reach the complex contours of your feet at your comfort level.
  • 4 Pack Lux Footwash
    Specially formulated foam washes away dead skin and odor leaving the foot feeling refreshed. Approximately 30 uses per bottle.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

  • 36″H X 8″W X 12″ L
  • Weighs 10lbs.
  • The handle provides stability and safety. It is easily moved for use and maintenance.
  • Soap is distributed easily by pulling the lever in the handle.
  • Brushes and footwash are easily replaced for maximum performance
  • A straight through drainage system allow for efficient rinsing and air drying.

Customize your VertaClean

Select Brush Pack

Firm bristles are designed to give you the deepest exfoliation..

Middle-of-the-Road, these bristles are perfect for everyday feet.

For those with sensitive feet, these bristles provide the ability to gently wash the feet.

Select Footwash

Can't decide? Get the best of both.

Helps fight foot odor with a fresh natural scent.

A refreshing formula that gives you a spa-like experience.