VertaClean for Athletes: Standing Shower Foot Cleaning Scrubber

Did you just get back from a long gym session? Did you run some laps around the track or shoot some three-pointers on the court? You need VertaClean’s standing shower foot-cleaning system!

VertaClean is designed to make washing your feet easy, simple, and comfortable. All you have to do is soap up your feet and scrub them with our standing scrubber.

Athletes especially must watch out for the buildup of sweat, dirt, and grime on their feet. Athlete’s foot is no joke — but VertaClean can help you get the deepest clean possible so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Why Athletes Need Clean Feet

Everyone’s feet should be sparkling clean, but athletes, in particular, need to be careful. If moisture builds up on your feet without being properly washed away, you could suffer from athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that starts between the toes and spreads throughout the feet. This happens when your shoes and socks trap sweat during long periods of exercise.

If your feet are not properly cleaned after a sweat session, the fungus can build up and cause foul odors. No one wants that!

Our athlete foot-cleaning shower system can help you combat this problem.

VertaClean to the Rescue!

VertaClean’s standing shower foot-cleaning scrubber system helps prevent nasty odors from building up on your feet.

Our athlete shower foot scrubber gets in hard-to-reach places between your toes, on the soles of your feet, and everywhere in between!

The best part? You don’t have to bend down or strain your tired muscles to use our athlete standing shower foot scrubber. This system is designed for use while standing normally in the shower.

Beat Embarrassing Odors with VertaClean

Have you ever been in the locker room and noticed an unpleasant scent coming from someone’s shoes and socks? Maybe it was even your own.  These smells were likely from poor foot hygiene.

VertaClean helps athletes avoid embarrassing odors that can make for awkward moments in the locker room, on the court, and at home.

Thousands of Specially Designed Bristles

VertaClean’s athlete foot scrubber contains thousands of flexible-but-tough bristles. The bristles reach every nook and cranny on your feet without you having to bend down and scrub them yourself.

Everyone’s feet are slightly different in shape, size, and contour. VertaClean’s innovative bristle design allows our athlete shower foot scrubber to effectively clean all of the contours of your feet.

When you step out of the shower after using VertaClean, you will realize that your feet have never felt so clean!

Direct Footwash Dispenser

Our high-quality footwash has a whipped texture for maximum spread and cleaning power on your feet. The VertaClean athlete foot shower cleaning system dispenses our footwash directly onto the bristles at the push of a button.

This means you don’t have to worry about lathering up, scrubbing your feet, and rinsing them manually.

The VertaClean system does all of the hard work. You just have to stand there and enjoy the deepest foot cleaning you’ve ever experienced!

Improved Shower Safety for Athletes

VertaClean helps athletes avoid accidents after long, tiring practices and performances. You are probably exhausted by the time you get to take a shower. We designed VertaClean with a special handle for safety and stability.

The handle allows you to rest on the VertaClean system without slipping and falling. On days when you feel like you can barely lift your limbs, the VertaClean athlete shower foot scrubber comes in handy.


VertaClean was inspired by and designed for people with disabilities and limited mobility in the shower. If you are a disabled athlete, you have even more to gain from the VertaClean athlete foot shower cleaning system.

Everyone deserves to be safe and stable in the shower. From the safety handle to the thorough bristle cleansing mechanism, VertaClean provides security to every disabled athlete as they shower.

Comfortable Shower Experience

When your muscles are fatigued, sometimes they aren’t as reliable. After intense exercise, you may not be able to lift, bend, or maneuver like normal as you shower. That’s why VertaClean is so important for athletes.

We are dedicated to making showering and foot washing a comfortable experience for athletes. Instead of straining your arms, legs, and torso trying to wash your feet, let the VertaClean system do the job right!

Then, you can enjoy a comfortable steamy shower as you relax and unwind after a tough practice or gym session.

The Importance of Foot Health for Athletes

As an athlete, you likely rely on your legs and feet to do your best on the field, track, or in the gym. You need your feet to be in top shape for peak performances.

If bacteria and fungus build up for long periods, athlete’s foot isn’t the only health issue you may face. Untreated foot infections can cause toenail problems and damage your skin.

Ignoring foot health problems can impair your ability to run, walk, and jump, all of which are essential for athletes to perform. However, good foot hygiene can easily prevent these issues.

This is especially true if you often have cuts, bruises, or scratches on your feet. The moisture trapped in your shoes and socks will enter the wounds and can cause serious infections.

In short, you shouldn’t neglect your foot health. If you want to run, jump, and perform your best as an athlete, your feet need proper cleaning and hygiene. VertaClean is here to help!

Get Your Athlete Foot Scrubber Today!

VertaClean is the hygiene machine you never knew you needed — until today.

We are passionate about helping people take charge of their foot hygiene and health. We designed VertaClean to help folks with mobility issues, disabilities, and fatigue clean their feet effectively.

Dead skin, bacteria, and odor-causing fungi can easily build up in hard-to-reach spots on your feet. As an athlete, you don’t want these problems to take over your health and impair your performance.

Let VertaClean do the hard work as you rest and relax in the shower. Grab your VertaClean athlete standing shower foot-cleaning scrubber system today!