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Podiatrist Program
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Podiatrist Program
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Podiatrist Program
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Your patients can start implementing a natural preventative to foot health problems.

Podiatrist Program
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Feet get dirty. That’s not surprising, right? What is surprising is how many people don’t wash their feet regularly. It is essential to have good hygiene. Just letting the soap run down over the feet in the shower is not an effective way to get them clean. Why is cleaning feet such a common problem?

Why do people neglect to wash their feet?
  • It is too difficult
  • Physically cannot reach them
  • Out of sight out of mind
  • They don’t want to use the same apparatus to wash their face as their feet
  • Unstable – fear of falling
The Importance of Foot Health
  • The average person walks about 100,000 miles across their entire lifetime. Feet carry us from point A to point B every day, so they’re pretty important! Clean feet matter because:

    • Bacteria can build up on feet and cause infections
    • Exfoliation from cleaning keeps dead skin from building up
    • Fungal infections thrive on unclean, damp feet
    • Plantar warts can form

    These aren’t the only challenges our feet will face. Science has shown there’s a connection between the hard skin that builds up on feet and potential problems with the knee, hip, and back.

    Knowing this, you probably suspect that it’s time to get serious about foot cleaning. The only problem is that reaching the feet to get them properly clean is quite difficult for some people. Proper foot hygiene can be a challenge for:

    • The elderly
    • Pregnant women
    • Obese/overweight individuals
    • Those who suffer from a disability
    • Patients recovering from injuries or surgery

    Even people who can easily reach their feet can still forget to clean them or neglect to do it effectively. For those who do wash their feet, they fall short of achieving compete cleanliness because their tool is not meant to reach the complex contours of the feet.  What’s the solution?

The VertaClean Standing Shower Foot Scrubber

With the VertaClean all-in-one standing shower foot scrubber, you can make cleaning your feet as easy as brushing your teeth! Everyone deserves the opportunity to have clean, healthy feet. With minimal effort or ability VertaClean achieves completely clean feet and it feels amazing. What used to be a dangerous chore that was avoided is now a daily enjoyment for healthy feet. Let’s go over why it is such a game-changer.

Handle Stem and Baseplate Unit

One of the problems that the elderly, injured, and disabled can face when trying to clean their feet is stability. Reaching down to clean the bottoms of your feet can be downright dangerous in a slick shower. But with VertaClean, the sturdy handle stem and baseplate unit offer stable, safe support while cleaning.

Precise Footwash Dispensing

The VertaClean shower foot scrubber uses an aerosol bottle to dispense the specially formulated whipped foot wash directly to the brushes. Just pull the low-resistance lever in the handle and the foot wash is distributed perfectly, like magic, everytime.

Triple Brush System

For cleaning between toes and nails, just use the top and bottom brush system on the front of the VertaClean. On the back, there’s a full-motion heel cleaning brush to scrub in cracked skin and crevices. When necessary, the brushes can be replaced.

Straight Through Drainage

To avoid retaining moisture in the unit and thereby fostering bacteria and mold growth, the VertaClean features simple and effective drainage. Just rinse and the VertaClean dries automatically!

Using the VertaClean All-in-One Standing Shower Foot Scrubber

To use the VertaClean foot scrubber, simply hold the handle, pull the lever to dispence foot wash. Place the foot on the brushes and shift the foot back and forth to for desired pressure and duration. The bristles will reach every area of your feet, from your toes to your heels and everything in between. That’s it. You’re done in less than 30 seconds!

The VertaClean comes with three replaceable brushes in Standard or Soft bristles. Choose from two therapeutic scents Birchwater and Tea Tree Lux Foot Wash. The whipped Lux Foot Wash cleans and lubricates for a deeper level of clean. This specially formulated solution is less slippery than standard gel soap making it safer to use in the shower.

Is VertaClean Effective?

With just one wash, your feet will feel cleaner than they’ve ever been! The VertaClean gets rid of unwanted bacteria, exfoliates dead skin, and makes it easier to keep feet clean than any other method. Once you wash your feet with the VertaClean you will not consider washing them any other way.

Who Is VertaClean for?

The VertaClean standing shower foot scrubber is for anyone who wants clean, fresh-feeling feet, but it’s especially helpful for:

  • Those who find it difficult to wash their own feet
  • People who fear falling in the shower
  • Foot odor sufferers
  • Anyone with infections due to dirt and grime buildup

Your feet have 250,000 sweat glands and produce two pints of sweat per day. Without a solid daily cleaning, odors and infections can set in.

The VertaClean Team

VertaClean is a new shower foot scrubber from Unified Field LLC, which is led by its founder, Chris Derr. Chris joined forces with Kirke Financial Services and its founder, Gary Kirke, to ensure that VertaClean had every chance to succeed in its mission of improving foot health.

With a successful track record in financial services, real estate, and more, Gary Kirke and the Kirke Financial Services team are well poised to make the VertaClean a winning product.

The VertaClean Partner Program for Podiatrists

Interested in being the first to offer the VertaClean to your patients who are suffering from not being able to wash their feet thoroughly? The VertaClean is the foot scrubber to recommend!

How the VertaClean Partner Program Works

With the VertaClean Partner Program, you can offer your patients an exclusive discount for the VertaClean and you earn a commission for every sale. It’s a win for you and for your patients! Additionally, as a partner, you’ll be featured on the VertaClean webpage and will have the opportunity to be featured inside of our monthly newsletter for marketing exposure.

Become a VertaClean Partner Today!

As a Podiatrist who cares for their patients, we look forward to partnering with you to help improve the longevity of healthy feet. Our goal is to make daily foot brushing as easy and normal as brushing one’s teeth.

The sooner people find out that there’s a way to safely achieve clean feet, the healthier they’ll be. Contact us right away and join our partner program. Your patients will thank you!