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Why Wash Your Feet?

Do you wash your feet every day? Most of us settle for a good foot rinse in the shower, but we don’t all shower daily. And dermatologists say that while you shouldn’t shower every day, you should definitely be washing your feet every day.

Sound excessive? There’s good reason to be scrubbing up your feet daily. Feet — as well as armpits — sweat much more than your other body parts and therefore harbor odor-causing bacteria. Out of about 2 million sweat glands throughout your body, 250,00o sweat glands are found in each foot–that’s almost 25% of the sweat happening in your body every day. So while arms and legs can go without a daily scrub, it’s worth giving your feet some extra love to match their extra sweatiness.

Washing and exfoliating your feet not only helps to remove the odor, but it also benefits your blood, toenails, and even joints. Our feet are as vulnerable to infection as other parts of our bodies, and bacteria that cover them can cause different kinds of inflammation. Scrubbing your feet helps to exfoliate all the unnecessary skin layers together with its microbes and prevents the development of things such as fungus, warts, bunions, corns, and calluses.

And if nothing else, this simple procedure is super refreshing.

But regular foot cleaning isn’t accessible to everyone – bending and stretching to give your feet a good clean can be a recipe for a slip in the shower. That is, until now. VertaClean is revolutionizing foot cleanliness. The design allows you to suds up, scrub your feet, and rinse, all without bending over. With minimal effort or ability, you can have completely clean feet in under 30 seconds. So no excuses – get your daily clean in with VertaClean.

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